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The 'Tempting Fate' meme:

1. Make an LJ-cut post with "DO NOT READ" as the text.
2. Do not select a 'mood' for this post.
3. If anyone clicks the cut, they are to comment and admit to doing so.
4. Anyone who reads this also has to do the same in THEIR journal, thus continuing the neverending madness.

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*doesn't read meme*

You can't trick me. :P

Don't lie. You read it!!! :-P

haha i read it, but i don't wanna put it in my lj. it's dead now lol!

OOO!! I will pray for you



Sorry I left in such a hurry. But I'm back and better than ever. :)


Thyat was my former identity. HEHE. But now I'm Hershey Chris!

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